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The IRS has recently mailed out letters announcing prepayments of the 2021 child tax credit. These prepayments will be computed by the IRS and mailed out automatically to eligible taxpayers unless the taxpayer opts out using the IRS portal (which as of 6/23/2021 is up and running).
We wanted to clarify a few important points regarding these prepayments:
•The eligibility for the 2021 child tax credit is ultimately dependent on your 2021 tax situation. The IRS will use either 2019 or 2020 tax filings to determine your eligibility. Therefore, the prepayments may be inaccurate if your eligibility changes for 2021. Most taxpayers will have to repay any overpayments on their 2021 tax returns.
•If you are eligible for the child tax credit, you typically receive this credit on your tax return. If you opt for the prepayment, the credit you get to take on your tax return will be reduced by these prepayments. Since your credit will be reduced, the tax on your return will increase – either causing more tax due or a reduced refund with your 2021 tax return.
•If you DO NOT OPT OUT & begin receiving these payments:
-Please keep track of the date and amount of every payment received. We will need this information when we prepare your 2021 tax return.
- If you would like to know the impact of the prepayments on your 2021 tax return anticipated tax due or refund, please contact our office and we will run a projection (our fee typically runs between $75-$150).
•If you OPT OUT of receiving these payments, and you are Married Filing Jointly BOTH spouses must opt out of the payments.




If you wanting more information on the  2021 federal economic impact payment, we refer you to the IRS website for more information. At this time there is nothing we can do to change the amount you receive, or if and when you will receive this. Again, please refer to you have further questions. 


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